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Who are we?

FCW bases it's projects on Early Childhood Development because we believe that if we can intervene at a grass root level then we can make a difference

Where do we come from?

We have been based in Kewtown since our inception 33 years ago.  We started as just a small NGO but we are now at the forefront of our field.

Where are we going

We want to make ECD accessible to all children in rural areas throughout South Africa.  And we can already see this vision unfolding.
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Abigail Winn, 20 years old lives in Kingfisher Park in Atlantis. 14 Years ago she was one of the first group of children who participated in the Family In Focus programme when it was introduced in the community.


She described the programme as one of the best things for her when she was young. She remembers that all the children would meet at Aunty Essie or Mums as she was affectionately known’s house. She also remembered that when her mother was at home she would come and observe what the children were doing. She related how the mornings would start with singing and storytelling, and that she could not wait for the “teacher” to open up her big bag that she carried all the toys and games in.

According to her every time the bag was opened it was like Christmas. For a short period all the toys and games belonged to the children. She even remembered how some of the boys were trying to keep things back, and how Aunty Essie would collect each and every item. Her recollection of the programme was that there were times when they would work with crayons, make patterns with paint and work with clay. However she mostly enjoyed the opportunities to play with puzzles.

At the end of last year Abigail matriculated from Atlantis Secondary School, and proudly stated that she never repeated any standards. She described herself as an above average learner at primary school, but that her high school experience was more average because the work was more difficult. According to Abigail the children who were part of the FIF programme did not do drugs or dropped out of school as a result of teenage pregnancy.

According to her mother Abigail is a young girl with a vision. Although she might be naturally shy, she has strong views on issues that are important for her and will express herself confidently. Abigail dreams of becoming a teacher and hope to do her training at the West Coast College so that she can assist the children in her community.